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The Management & Leadership Program provides opportunity coupled with resources to assist individuals in the development of knowledge and thinking skills. In this capacity, our mission is to serve our three target audiences: career changers, career seekers, and individuals seeking personal development. To career seekers we offer a broad base of skills for entry level positions. To career changes we offer opportunities to upgrade skills, develop new skills, or prepare for promotion. To individuals seeking personal development we offer a wide sampling of topics which, are offered in a variety of delivery methods.

The Management & Leadership Program fosters partnerships between students, colleagues, and organizations in order to promote effective inter-relationships and provide skills for success in the changing world of work. To this end, we value and encourage:

  • Lifelong learning;
  • Timely and flexible offerings and services;
  • Relevant and challenging learning experiences;
  • Creative and innovative ideas and practices;
  • Utilizing the latest in information and technology;
  • Uniqueness and diversity of our students and faculty;
  • Open Communication and the effective flow of information;
  • Collaboration and team learning, both in and out of the classroom.

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