Lansing Community College

A generous donation by Glenn and Trish Granger in honor of parents Alton and Janice Granger has made the city of Lansing's prominent landmark possible.

“The Granger Clock Tower stands as more than a monument,” said LCC President Brent Knight. “It is a trusty landmark, a familiar friend, a music box of sorts, a lighted guardian, a place of peace and solace. We are grateful to the Granger family for their generous contribution to LCC and the Lansing community.”


The Granger family founded Granger Construction in 1959, and parents Alton and Janice, along with Alton’s brothers and their wives started the Granger Foundation which exists to enhance the quality of life within the greater Lansing area. The clock tower stands as a monument to Alton and Janice Granger’s support of educational opportunities in Lansing.

“The Lansing Community College family and the residents of the city of Lansing are very thankful for the generosity of Glenn and Trish Granger in creating the Granger Clock Tower,” said Robert Proctor, LCC Board of Trustees. “The clock tower serves as a magnificent landmark on the campus of Lansing Community College in the heart of downtown Lansing for generations to come.”

The Granger Clock Tower stands six stories tall and the top portion of the tower weighs nearly 3300 pounds. Among its functions will be one bell sound each hour and six bell sounds will chime at 6 p.m. each day. When the clock is lit its hue will be visible from several blocks away forever cementing it as a place of community pride, and a destination for LCC students and employees.