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Love's Labor's Lost

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Mary Job
Audition dates: April 26 & 27, 7-9 p.m.
Location: Black Box Theatre - Gannon Building, Room 1422
Script: Love’s Labor’s Lost

Character List Roles

Current and former students and community members are encouraged to audition!

Ferdinand, King of Navarre (M,20- 30), proud but relatable. He has a plan to hide away and study for three years to gain renown for his scholarly dedication.

The Three Friends who join him on his scholarly retreat:

Berowne (M, 20 - 30), one of the King’s best friends. He has a sarcastic wit, is very opinionated, and is rather skeptical of the feasibility of the plan. He will fall in love with Rosaline.

Longaville (M, 20 - 30), a tall young lord at the King of Navarre’s court and the most enthusiastic about the plan. He falls in love with Maria.

Dumaine (M, 20 - 30), Boyishly enthusiastic about the plan. He falls in love with Katherine.

The Princess of France (F, 20 - 30), her father the King’s heir, sent on an important diplomatic mission to Navarre, regal and quick witted, with a playful and kind side.

The Three Ladies attending on the Princess of France:

Rosaline (F, 20 - 30) Witty and intelligent. She has no hesitation about crossing verbal swords with Berowne.

Maria (F, 20 - 30) Flirtatious and playful.

Katherine (F, 20 - 30) Quick-witted enough to keep pace with Rosaline.

Boyet (any gender, 40 - 60+) gossipy French lord attending on and counseling the Princess of France

Don Adriano de Armado (M, 30 - 40+) Pretentious and long-winded knight at Ferdinand’s court who talks in mind-bogglingly fancy language, qualifying every word a dozen ways and taking paragraphs to get to the point.

Moth (10 - 15) Don Armado’s page, a small and extremely quick-witted child who can not only hold their own with their master’s affected language, but best him at it. Ability to sing desirable but not required.

Jaquenetta (F, 20 - 30) a country wench who does not have the greatest reputation for virtue.

Costard (M, 20 - 40) a rustic at the court of Navarre who is caught “chatting “with Jaquenetta in spite of the King’s order that men are not to see women. Illiterate and charming, he loves words and invariably misspeaks them.

Nathaniel (any gender, 40+) the local curate, a person greatly impressed by Holofernes’s learning and by their own.

Holofernes (any gender, 30+) the local schoolteacher. A know it all. They are verbose to a fault, using 5 words when one will due, generously sprinkling their speech with obscure Latin phrases.

Dull (any gender, 30+) local constable, a blunt and taciturn individual who has no qualms about admitting that they have no idea what anyone else is talking about when they use their high-falutin’ language.

Marcade (any gender, 30+) A messenger from the Court of France.


Four young men dedicate themselves to three years of serious scholarship, shunning the company of women. What could possibly go wrong?

Those auditioning should prepare a short verse speech (About 10-lines) from any Shakespeare play. Auditions will also include readings from the script. 

Production dates: June 21-25, 2023

For more information, contact director Mary Job at