Lansing Community College

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As You Like It

By William Shakespeare

Director: Mary Job
Audition Dates: Monday, April 22 & Tuesday, April 23, 6:30 pm
Audition Location: Gannon Building, Black Box Theater, Room 1422
Production Dates: June 26-30, 2024
Production Location: LCC’s outdoor amphitheater
Documents: AYLI Audition Sides

When Rosalind, the daughter of the exiled Duke is banished by her usurping uncle, she and her cousin Celia flee to the Forest of Arden in the guise of a shepherd boy, Ganymede, with Celia as her sister. In the forest she encounters not only her exiled father, but a host of diverse characters and lovers, including her own love, Orlando who is whiling away his own escape from a tyrannical brother by decorating the forest trees with badly written poetry to her. In the guise of Ganymede, Rosalind challenges the strength and sincerity of Orlando’s love and undertakes to “cure” him of his “infatuation” by pretending to be his lover. Along the way, she and her companions find that love takes many forms, and is no respecter of social norms, status, gender or even common sense. Filled with memorable characters and witty language, As You Like It is a delight for actors and audiences alike.

  • Auditioners are asked to prepare a short Shakespeare monologue (approximately 10 lines) from any Shakespeare play.

Available roles: (Please note that a number of these roles can be played by any gender)

At the Court
  • Oliver DeBoys (M) – Older son & heir of Sir Roland DeBoys, Very jealous of his younger brother.
  • Orolando DeBoys (M) – younger son of Sir Roland by his second wife. Outgoing and personable.
  • Adam (M/F) –An elderly servant of the DeBoys. Loyal
  • Rosalind (F) – The only child of Duke Senior, who Frederick deposed and banished. Cousin and Companion to Celia. Witty, warm personality, but quieter than Celia.
  • Celia (F) – The only child of Duke Frederick, cousin to Rosalind. Lively, practical, a bit cynical.
  • Duke Frederick (M/F) – The usurping current Duke. Ambitious, Intense, and intimidating.
  • Touchstone (M) – The Court Fool, a very cynical smart-ass. Falls in lust with Audrey
  • Charles (M) – Frederick’s champion wrestler. Not without a conscience, but still a brute.
  • Le Beau (M/F) – a gossipy courtier. Tries to play all sides.
  • Other Courtiers – A bunch of bored, decadent trust-fund types.
In the forest of Arden
  • Duke Senior – The deposed Duke and Rosalind’s father. A witty man, quietly charismatic.
  • Amiens (M/F) – One of Duke Senior’s supporters. A musician and singer. Actors auditioning must be able to play guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin or similar instrument and be comfortable singing onstage.
  • Jaques (M/F) – Another of Duke Senior’s supporters. A deeply cynical individual with a low opinion of humanity generally.
  • First Lord (M/F) – Another supporter. At home in the outdoors. Loves to make fun of Jaques.
  • Second Lord (M/F) – First Lord’s buddy.
  • Corin (M/F) – A shepherd, middle aged or older. Salt of the earth type. A quietly sly sense of humor.
  • Silvius (M) – A shepherd hopelessly in love with Phebe, who treats him like dirt.
  • Phebe (F) – A village girl who thinks she is far more special than she is. Falls in love with Ganymede.
  • Audrey (F) – A country wench. Earthy, vulgar in an engaging way. Pursued by Touchstone.
  • William (M) – One of Audrey’s usual beaus, a farmhand. A stolid, completely literal young man.