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This week's employer spotlight is with Preuss Pets

We asked Kirbay Preuss, General Manager, some questions about working for the company.

The Preuss Pets logo: a large block P that is filled in with the rainbow colors of a parrot's feathers.


What makes your company a great place to work?

Preuss Pets is one of the best places to work for individuals seeking any animal sciences career. Winners of the World Pet Assn Legacy Leader of the year award, Preuss Pets has led the way for best animal keeping practices and has high expectations for animal health. 

Describe the culture of your company.

Innovative, edgy, compassionate, and inclusive. We truly believe one must not be judged by their cover. We want all staff to feel safe and part of the team. We are all in this together and we strive to have fun! 

What majors do you hire?

Pretty much any and all, but a large portion of applicants are from biological and animal science majors. We’ve discovered students of all majors find valuable skill sets from working at Preuss Pets. Given the large amount of traffic that visits Preuss Pets, customer service is essential and there is an opportunity to educate hundreds of people. Working at Preuss will give you a crash course on interpersonal communications and the value of working with others. 

What skills and/or experiences do you look for in candidates?

Charismatic, teachable, prior animal care, previous employment history that shows a responsible and hard working drive. 

Do you offer internship programs?

We do! Steve Oberg, our general aquatics manager can facilitate an internship alongside your professor that works with your specific area of animal study. Marine science is our most common internship. 

Do you have any open positions you would like to highlight?

We are currently hiring in our freshwater and saltwater fish sections. Part-time and full-time positions available.  We are also looking for a special events intern. 

What is one piece of career advice you would give lcc students?

Get out and volunteer in your community! You will foster relationships that will help you grow personally and professionally and you will do good in your neighborhood! There is always a need for a set of helping hands! 

How can students connect with you?

They can email or call the store and ask for Kirbay Preuss. They can email or call 517-719-4085 direct. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Preuss Pets was featured on Stephen Colbert in 2021. It is a fun and fast paced environment to work. You will learn so much and develop many friendships working alongside a staff of 75 people who also share similar passions. 

Preuss Pets will be at LCC’s Downtown Campus, Career Center – Gannon Building Room 2219, Wednesday, March 15 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

A photo of Kirbay sitting in front of a waterfall, next to a bronze statue of an ape.

LCC Student Spotlight at Preuss Pets

Kirbay Preuss, General Manager.

Current or Former LCC student?
Former LCC student.

LCC Major and Education/Career goals
I graduated from LCC around 2010 with my general associates. My career goal was to further Preuss Pets and here I am! 

What I like most about working for Preuss Pets
The commitment to the community and the high expectations we hold for taking care of pets. 

How I heard about employment with Preuss Pets
I’m part of the Preuss family! :) 

Advice to anyone applying for jobs/internships
Come in and introduce yourself to our management team. An application and resume are great, but an in-person meet and greet is our favorite! We want to know you! 

Any other information you would like to share with LCC students
Preuss Pets is within 1 mile of LCC. You could walk to work

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