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What type of learner are you?

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the classic student - goes to class in-person, on campus

1. The Classic Student

You probably like going to class on campus and learning hands-on and up close. You want to build relationships with your classmates and instructors, as well as enjoy everything campus has to offer. Look for sections with the format "In-person/Face-to-Face."

the (hy)flexible student - learns in any format that fits their schedule

2. The (Hy)flexible Student

Your life can be hectic and flexibility is needed. It'd be great if you could go to class in-person, but sometimes you need to attend your class virtually. And if that isn't possible, you'll catch-up later with recorded class sessions. No matter what, you're getting it done. Look for sections with the format "HYF:Flex In-person or Online."

the focused student - learn wherever they want thank you very much

3. The Focused Student

You're great at using your time and think coursework is best accomplished from a place of comfort. You're finishing coursework wherever you want. No need for face-to-face lectures, just you getting things done when it's convenient for you. Look for sections with the format "ON: Online."

the structured student - learn in real-time, but online

4. The Structured Student

You like how the regularly scheduled lectures keep you grounded and up-to-date in your class. Interacting with classmates and asking questions in real-time helps you gain greater understanding of the course material. Basically, you're getting all the best parts of face-to-face, virtually. If you like frequent check-ins, choose a full schedule (more live online instruction). For less real-time instruction, choose a partial schedule (less live online instruction). Look for sections with the format "ORT: Online at Scheduled Times" or "ORT: Online Part Scheduled Time."

the adaptable student - learns in-person, but works online

5. The Adaptable Student

You like talking to your classmates and instructor face-to-face – especially when you have questions – but you also enjoy the freedom of doing some coursework and activities online. Look for sections with the format "OH: In-person and Online."

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An important note regarding online classes: Courses offered in an online format might require students to travel to an LCC campus or request an approved non-LCC testing site (additional fees may apply) for proctored exams. For more information, please visit the Testing Services webpage. Similarly, LCC offers nearly 50 degrees and certificates that can be obtained 100% online, but some courses might require in-person proctored exams.

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