Lansing Community College

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Gifts Received



two children with safety glasses on inspecting something up close in a youth science program classroom

Youth Program Scholarships

$3000 goal

$950 raised

Sponsor scholarships for local youth to attend the LCC Youth Program. The program offers a variety of exceptional classes in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

a close up image of a large textbook that is being curled by a hand

LCC Textbook Fund

$3000 goal

$1,500 raised

Students tell us that textbooks can be their most expensive cost outside of tuition. Your generous gift will help students who are struggling to purchase their books and will go a long way to help them succeed in the classroom.

Students sitting at library tables with technology and books spread out.

Library Kiosks

$1500 goal

$290 raised

Support the Library with kiosks to help students navigate the newly renovated space and find the resources they need for class.

Graphing calculator and hand with pen

Graphing Calculators

$2500 goal

$700 raised

Math can be tough, and calculators are expensive. You can add to the number of graphing calculators for LCC students.

Three students sitting together outside on grassy steps.

LCC Cares

$3000 goal

$2,450 raised

LCC Cares, and we believe that the Mid-Michigan community does not want to see students struggle with hunger, transportation issues, and a lack of stable housing.

A woman reading to a child on her lap.

ESOL Scholarships

$3000 goal

$800 raised

Students need to develop English skills to be successful at LCC and on the job. Support students in English for Speakers of Other Languages with much needed scholarships.

A band with multiple instruments and a singer perform on a stage.

Music Program Endowed Scholarship

$3000 goal

$2,225 raised

The faculty members of the Music Program are raising funds to create its first endowed scholarship. The scholarship will support music students who show promise in the field and who have financial need.

A student selects a blue graduation gown as seen through a star shaped opening in frosted glass

LCC Cap & Gown Scholarships

$3000 goal

$1,250 raised

The LCC Alumni Committee is raising funds to purchase Caps & Gowns for each student who participates in Commencement. Your gift will help Stars celebrate their achievements!

Four students standing with an oversized check made out to scholarships

General Foundation Scholarships

$2000 goal

$2,600 raised

Make a gift that leaves a legacy of learning at LCC and supports students in their educational dreams and goals.

A man and a woman in milatary fatigues holding hands with a child in front of a Lansing Community College sign.

Veterans Progam Fund

$2000 goal

$900 raised

Serving those who served, the LCC Foundation supports our service men and women through the Veterans Program Fund.

The exterior of the Rogers-Carrier House.

Stars Operating Endowment

$3000 goal

$525 raised

The LCC Foundation has supported Lansing Community College for over 40 years by awarding scholarships and supporting new, in-demand, and innovative programs.

Two women in LCC softball uniforms high five as the leave the field.

Athletics Program

$3000 goal

$440 raised

Support the Stars on the field and off by supporting the Athletics program.

A crowd of young students, a young man smiles while holding a piece of paper.

Lansing Gap Scholarship

$3000 goal

$835 raised

The Lansing Gap Scholarship was established to provide funding for Lansing Promise students who are not eligible for federal financial aid. The Lansing Gap Scholarship will help those students pursue their dreams at LCC.

Green plants and vibrant flowers are in front of a sculpture against a blue sky background on campus.

African American Commemoration

$3000 goal

$500 raised

Join LCC as the College recognizes and celebrates local African American leaders, past and present, in the mid-Michigan community.

A bamboo water spout in the foreground, with greenery and a red brick building with windows in the background.

Shigematsu Memorial Garden

$3000 goal

$750 raised

Established in 2006 to commemorate Megumi Shigematsu, a generous sponsor of LCC programs in Japan, the Shigematsu Garden is being revitalized so the community may enjoy it now and into the future.