Lansing Community College

Amount Raised


Gifts Received


two children with safety glasses on inspecting something up close in a youth science program classroom

Summer Youth Program Scholarships

$3000 goal

$415 raised

Sponsor scholarships for local youth to attend the LCC Youth Program. The program offers a variety of exceptional classes in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

two students laugh while sitting in a classroom

Fostering Stars Program

$3000 goal

$3,000 raised

Support former foster students. Your gift will provide valuable coaching, help with food insecurity, and emergency student assistance.

Students sitting in study booths with technology and books spread out on the tables.

Library Kiosks

$2200 goal

$1,100 raised

Support the Library with kiosks to help students navigate the newly renovated space and find the resources they need for class.

Graphing calculator and hand with pen

Graphing Calculators for MATH 106

$1500 goal

$550 raised

Math can be tough, and calculators are expensive. You can add to the number of graphing calculators for LCC students.

Teacher helping student in a classroom

LCC Cares

$3000 goal

$1,750 raised

LCC Cares, and we believe that the Mid-Michigan community does not want to see students struggle with hunger, transportation issues, and a lack of stable housing.

A woman reading to a child on her lap.

Adult Resource Center

$3000 goal

$275 raised

Your gift will support tuition and child care grants to families in need at LCC.

Four people working at a round table with large note pade and writing implements

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program

$3000 goal

$600 raised

Your gift will support new and innovative programs that support diverse perspectives, cultures, and differences.

People seated in a conference room turned to face a standing speaker

Take a Stand! Sit In!

$2000 goal

$300 raised

Provide support for community artists and civic leaders for presenting at Take a Stand!

Four students standing with an oversized check made out to scholarships

General Foundation Scholarships

$3000 goal

$1,600 raised

Make a gift that leaves a legacy of learning at LCC and supports students in their educational dreams and goals.

A man and a woman in milatary fatigues holding hands with a child in front of a Lansing Community College sign.

Veterans Program Fund

$3000 goal

$650 raised

Serving those who served, the LCC Foundation supports our service men and women through the Veterans Program Fund.

A man and a woman enthusiastically high-fiving in an outdoor tent.

Stars Operating Endowment

$3000 goal

$600 raised

The LCC Foundation has supported Lansing Community College for over 40 years by awarding scholarships and supporting new, in-demand, and innovative programs.

Three women playing basketball in a gym.

Athletics Program

$3000 goal

$265 raised

Support the Stars on the field and off by supporting the Athletics program.

View of LCC campus looking northwest. The Gannon, Arts and Sciences and TLC buildings are visible.

Lansing Gap Scholarship

$3000 goal

$425 raised

The Lansing Gap Scholarship was established by the Lansing Promise, LCC Foundation and generous donors to provide funding for Lansing Promise eligible students who are not eligible for federal financial aid. The Lansing Gap Scholarship will help those students pursue their dreams at LCC.

A man speaking to a group of people in a room with the words Career Center on the wall

Career Program - LinkedIn

$1500 goal

$280 raised

Bring a national expert to campus for a career focused workshop for students.

A man and a woman looking at a sculpture of a woman

Digital History Lab

$3000 goal

$250 raised

Support future historians at LCC by supporting the Digital History Lab. The History program and the LCC Library are partnering to create a Digital History Lab. The Digital History Lab would provide students taking history classes at LCC the opportunity to work as a historian and engage in collaborative history projects.