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Here at LCC, valuing diversity and inclusion is one of our core principles. We understand that using someone's correct name and pronoun is a sign of respect.

A new procedure now allows all LCC students, faculty, and staff to select the name and pronouns they use that will be integrated into most systems at the college.

The purpose of The Preferred Name and Chosen Pronoun Initiative is to make sure everyone at LCC feels valued, accepted, and welcomed.

The College recognizes that some students and employees may prefer to use a first name other than their legal name to identify themselves. As long as the use of a chosen first name is not for an improper purpose, a request can now be made to use a chosen first name where possible in the course of College business and education.

Why is The Preferred Name and Chosen Pronoun Initiative important?
  • Chosen names impact many populations.
  • Global students may use a different name while studying in the United States.
  • Students who have been victims of domestic violence may choose to go by a different name for safety reasons.
  • Students that have been in foster care can experience many name changes.
  • Refugees experience legal name issues when their documentation is completed.
  • Some people have various traumas connected to their names, and choose not to use names that may bring up these events.
  • People who are transgender often change their name to reflect their identity.

We are striving to create an educational environment where students may use a chosen first name wherever a legal name is not required on internal documents, communications, systems, and web portals.

Until this system is fully in place, if you have questions or need assistance students can contact their Success Coach and employees contact Human Resources

Once a request has been completed, chosen first name will appear on:
  • D2L
  • Class Rosters
  • And More

In the future, we plan for additional student record processes to include chosen first name. Lansing Community College is dedicated to embedding and supporting diversity in every facet of the institution.  We see this initiative as part of our core values and it's just one of the many ways LCC is committed to diversity and inclusion.

Everyone is encouraged to contact us at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as updates and more information about this initiative will be provided. 

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