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These programs are a must for anyone concerned about health and safety on the job including:

  • Managers concerned about liability and workers' compensation costs.
  • Employees who want to learn proper techniques for protecting their safety and health at work.
  • Business owners who want to learn about compliance with Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).
CET Training Seminar and Workshop

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Continuing Education Courses Currently Available

Course Title

MIOSHA Part 2 Walking Working Surfaces  
MIOSHA Level One Bootcamp  

MIOSHA Part 451 - Respiratory Protection


MIOSHA Record keeping & Cost of Injuries


MIOSHA Parts 35, 90, & 490 - Confined Space in Construction and GI


MIOSHA Parts 6, 33, and 433 - Personal Protective Equipment Standards for GI and Construction


Courses Not Currently Available - Please contact the coordinator for more information

Continuing Education Coordinator: Carolyn Dembowski 517-483-1414 or 517-483-1533


MIOSHA Medical Services and First Aid, Bloodborne Infectious Diseases


MIOSHA Hazard Communication and Right to Know Requirements


MIOSHA Machine Guarding & Hazard Identification


MIOSHA Part 14- Conveyors: Hidden Hazards


MIOSHA Parts 17, 39, & 40 - Electrical Standards for General Industry & Construction


MIOSHA Level 2 Bootcamp


MIOSHA Part 7 - Guards for Power Transmission

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Contact: Jessica Roy
Phone: 517-483-9853
Fax: 517-483-9805

MIOSHA Boot Camp Location:
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