Lansing Community College has over 500,000 alumni. Are you an alumni? Whether you earned a degree, certificate, or simply enrolled in one class, you are considered alumni.

As an alumni, you can obtain an alumni StarCard granting you access to:

  • Free use of Fitness Centers at Downtown and West Campuses.
  • Free admission to most Downtown Campus LCC Athletic games.
  • Access to the LCC Library to check out materials (use of computers not included).
  • Discount to most LCC Performing Arts mainstage productions.

To obtain an alumni StarCard you must visit Parking and ID Services in the Gannon Building, Room 2110, 517-483-1798.

Give Back to LCC

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Support LCC Alumni

Help us provide better opportunities, resources and services to more of our alumni and friends.

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Give to LCC Programs

Donate to your favorite LCC program to help them create unique experiences for students.

Support the Alumni Committee

A group of dedicated alumni help with:

  • Planning special events
  • Nominating alumni for the annual Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Welcoming graduates with a free gift at Commencement
  • Encouraging alumni to support student scholarships and College programs.

The LCC Distinguished Alumni Award honors outstanding alumni.

Distinguished Alumni


Share Your Success!

Let us know how LCC helped you achieve your professional, personal or academic goals.

Share Your Story

Alumni Committee

Contact us at

Rita A. LaMoreaux,

Phil Zeller,

Carter Briggs

Tom Cochran

Lynn L Colby

Judy McQueen

Bill Motz

Steve Solcum



Day at the Zoo

All LCC employees, retirees, students and families get free admission to Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo courtesy of the LCC Alumni.

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