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LCC conducting fire drills in September and October

Fire alarm on a wall

Throughout the next two months, the college will hold fire evacuation drills for all students, employees and guests at every campus and location.

This year, we’ll be holding the drills building-by-building, to allow for a focused review of evacuation procedures in each place. Everyone who is in a particular building at the time of the drill is required to participate, even if you are in the middle of class or already participated in another building. The drills are an important aspect of emergency preparedness and are a requirement under the Jeanne Clery Act.
The exact time of the drills will not be announced in advance, but you can expect them to begin in these general timeframes:


Date and time

Livingston County Center

Thursday, Sept. 14, mid-morning

Arts & Sciences Building on Downtown Campus

Thursday, Sept. 21, mid- to late morning

West Campus

Friday, Sept. 22, early afternoon

LCC East

Tuesday, Oct. 3, mid-afternoon

TLC Building on Downtown Campus

Wednesday, Oct. 4, mid-morning

Washington Court Place on Downtown Campus

Thursday, Oct. 5, mid-morning

Huron Building on Downtown Campus

Monday, Oct. 9, mid-morning

AOF Building on Downtown Campus

Wednesday, Oct. 11, mid-morning

Dart Auditorium on Downtown Campus

Wednesday, Oct. 11, mid-afternoon

Health and Human Services Building on Downtown Campus

Friday, Oct. 13, mid-morning

Administration Building on Downtown Campus

Tuesday, Oct. 24, early morning

Gannon Building on Downtown Campus

Wednesday, Oct. 25, mid-morning

Aviation Maintenance Technology Center

Thursday, Oct. 26, mid-morning for the day cohort and mid-afternoon for the evening cohort

The drills will begin with a fire alarm. When you hear the alarm, please proceed out of your building and wait outside, 50-100 feet from the doors. Do not leave campus, and do not clog the building entry and exits.
As this is a fire evacuation drill, elevators will not work. If anyone in your class or area requires assistance in evacuating, please help them as you are able. Members of LCC’s Building Emergency Response Team, or BERT, will be sweeping the buildings and can also help.
A friendly reminder: The drill cannot end until people are out of the buildings. The quicker everyone exits, the quicker the drill will be done.

Once the drill is complete, you will hear an “all clear” message on the building PA system.

Evacuation is one of the five key emergency responses LCC asks all students to know how to handle. This is a good opportunity for us to practice our response as a college community.


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