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At Lansing Community College, we police with safety in mind. LCC police officers are law enforcement professionals who patrol, monitor and observe our campuses as part of LCC's cooperative learning community. Public Safety at LCC function as an independent law enforcement agency, allowing us to measure our interventions and responses with appropriate sensitivity in collegiate settings.

Contact Public Safety

LCC Dispatch: 517-483-1800

Available 24 hours a day

Downtown Campus - LCC Police
411 N. Grand Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933
Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus - LCC Police
5708 Cornerstone Drive
Lansing, MI 48917
Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500

In an emergency call 911 for local Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.

The Citizen Contact Receipt

To ensure safe and responsible interactions between officers and citizens on LCC campuses, the Police Department has created The Citizen Contact Receipt, or Stop Receipt. A responding officer gives a Stop Receipt to any individual with whom the officer has official contact. Stop Receipts are actual, physical pieces of paper containing all the relevant information resulting from a person's interactions with LCC police: time, date, location, officer name and service number, reason for interaction, race, gender, and the result of the interaction. Other information pertaining to force or other aspects of police intervention will also be chronicled on Stop Receipts.

Situations that might require an officer to issue a Stop Receipt include car stops, interviews relating to an investigation, detention, arrest, and any other interaction with police that occurs as part of official business or investigation.

The Citizen Contact Receipt allows for a high level of transparency with the citizens we serve, and accountability for officers' investigative interactions with the community. It will allow supervisors to conduct more thorough daily monitoring of officer activities, which will assist them in detecting any patterns of behavior in terms of the targeting or profiling of certain individuals be it through race, gender, age etc.

The Citizen Contact receipt went into effect on August 16, 2021. Officers have been issuing receipts since that date.

Below is a list of services provided by Public Safety. Visit us by stopping the Public Safety office in the Gannon Building downtown or call 517-483-1800:

  • Battery jump starts
  • Directional assistance
  • Lost & Found at Downtown and West campus.
    Disposal of unclaimed items takes place at the end of every semester.
  • Open locked vehicles
  • Safety escort
  • After hours building access, if necessary
  • Emergency CPR, First Aid, or AED use during a medical emergency
  • Regular check and servicing of fire extinguishers, AED batteries, and first aid kits
  • Emergency notifications and timely warnings when warranted
  • The development and delivery of safety and law enforcement talks, when requested.

Please report suspicious behavior, unusual circumstances and any possible law enforcement crimes or offenses immediately by calling 517-483-1800. Anonymous reporting is acceptable.

Chief gaines talking with students on the LCC downtown campus


LCC Police investigates all criminal incidents which take place on a campus within our jurisdiction.

Request a Police Escort

Police escorts are for LCC students, faculty or staff and not the general public. Citizens may request a police escort by:

  • Calling 517-483-1800
  • Approaching an officer directly around campus grounds
  • Coming to the Public Safety Office located in the Gannon Building at 411 N Grand Ave.

Report a Crime

  • Dialing 911 from an LCC campus phone (will go directly to LCC Police dispatch)
  • Call Public Safety's primary phone number 517-483-1800
  • In person at public safety office located inside the Gannon Building at 411 N Grand Ave.
  • By approaching any officer seen on campus

See Something, Say Something

The Lansing Community College Office of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe place to learn and work. To maintain a safe campus, the LCC Police strongly encourage students, staff and visitors to all LCC campuses to speak up; if you see something, say something.

Public Safety Information

LCC Public Safety is in compliance with the federal guidelines for reporting crimes in and around the college campus. We also provide emergency procedures and a safety report.


Contact Us

Chief Gaines, a police cadet and four students posing in a row for a photo
Police and Dispatch Services
Downtown Campus

Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus

Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500


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