Lansing Community College

Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Everyone has their definition of success. At LCC, we have a team dedicated to helping students formulate what success means to them and how to make it happen. Join our success coaches as they chat with students about overcoming challenges, reaching their goals, and making lifelong connections. Each episode offers tips, tricks, and practical advice to help you shine as an LCC Star.

The Hosts

Domnique Vaughn, Jason Brittain, Larry Smith Lazarius Lane, Brendan Ginnerty

Domnique Vaughn, Jason Brittain, Larry Smith, Lazarius Lane, Brendan Ginnerty

At Lansing Community College, Academic Success Coaches are dedicated to ensuring students receive ongoing, personalized support and mentoring to thrive academically. Much like a coach who motivates their team, these coaches team up with their students to help them discover and leverage their strengths, ultimately empowering them to unlock their academic potential. They do this by meeting with the student one-on-one, learning about the student’s experiences at LCC, identifying barriers, and assisting them in developing solutions and next steps that lead to academic success.