Lansing Community College

Inside LCC

Inside LCC

Listen in as we take an inside look at the academic programs at LCC. Hear from faculty, staff and students about their experiences in our programs or career fields, what students should know, the careers a degree/certificate can lead to and the great work being done in classrooms, labs and clinics across the college.

The Host

Cassie Little

Cassie Little currently works as a marketing coordinator at Lansing Community College, after 10+ years of working in admissions and orientation. A proud graduate of LCC and a previously “undecided” student, she understands the feeling of discovering a new academic program that fills you with a sense of purpose and excitement for the future. She hopes to help bring that feeling to others through this podcast and the work she does. In her free time, she enjoys exploring all that Lansing has to offer, going to concerts and music festivals, paying soccer and sometimes appearing on stage in local theatre.