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Galaxy Forum with Melissa Kaplan

Galaxy Forum

Galaxy Forum takes a look at the creative work in LCC's classrooms and on campus, and how it connects to the community in terms of citizenship, economics, community building, and helping students achieve their dreams and participate in community life.

The Host

Melissa Kaplan

Melissa Kaplan is excited to join LCC Connect having co-hosted So Much More: Michigan Arts and Culture for three years on LCC Radio. She is Academic and Arts Outreach Coordinator at LCC where she creates and facilitates interdisciplinary work involving the arts and humanities. Previously for LCC, she was Performing Arts producer for 15 years. She earned her B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State University, and her experience includes developing training for service sector industries, public relations for professional theatre, and arts journalism. Recent LCC projects include the multi-genre virtual productions of We Shall Overcome: Raising Our Voices Together and Please Stay: A Call for Suicide and Depression Awareness, the I Have A Name theatre production about homelessness, and Hope Takes the Stage, part of the international Climate Change Theatre Action festival.

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