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Welcome to the enchanting world of Lillie Padderson. Take a leap and explore!

Meet Lillie, our spirited spokesfrog, leaping into your hearts with a vibrant ribbit of excitement, guiding you through the immersive world of LCC Connect.


Lillie's LilyPad Lowdown

February 29

Home Pad
Shigematsu Japanese Garden

Favorite Treats
Dragonfly Delights, Cricket Crunchies, and the occasional Waterlily Eclair.

Favorite Color
LCC Blue

Favorite Book
The Pond Prince Chronicles: A Leap of Tales.

Favorite LCC Connect Podcast
She froggin’ loves them all!

Favorite Music Genre

Lillie’s Leapin’ List

Lillie waving

Lillie’s Favorite Quote

Embrace the ripples, for they create the waves of change.

Lillie's Bio

Lillie Padderson, a spirited and inquisitive female cartoon frog, was born to Felicity and Ferdinand Padderson in the heart of the Fenner Nature Center. The Padderson family had a long history of storytelling, and Lillie's parents were renowned for their tales that echoed through the lush maple groves and miles of trails.

Felicity, a wise and gentle frog, passed on her love for learning and creativity to Lillie. She would often tell enchanting stories that ignited Lillie's imagination and fueled her desire for knowledge. Ferdinand, on the other hand, was an adventurous frog who explored the vast Fenner Nature Center, sharing tales of his journeys and encounters with the diverse creatures that inhabited their magical home.

From a young age, Lillie displayed an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in making waves. She always sought opportunities to stand out and bring her unique perspective to the forefront. Inspired by her parents, she envisioned a future where she could make a significant impact.

Growing up in such a nurturing environment, Lillie developed a passion for both learning and storytelling. Eager to pave her own pad, she set out to explore the world beyond the Nature Center. Lillie discovered a bustling college where students, faculty, and community members engaged in lively discussions about a myriad of topics. Enthralled by the diversity of ideas and voices, Lillie decided to make the college her new home.

In this new academic setting, she realized the power of podcasts to share ideas and connect with others around the world. With her natural charm, quick wit, and the inherited storytelling skills from her parents, Lillie became the spokesfrog for the college's podcast platform—LCC Connect.

Lillie currently resides in the Shigematsu Japanese Garden on LCC’s Downtown Campus and frequently visits her parents at the Fenner Nature Center.

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