Lansing Community College

It’s Brittany B!

It’s Brittany B

A show where LCC student Brittany Bell takes you on a journey to break down the subjects that most of us want to talk about, listen to or be part of. Sit back, relax and chat with Brittany!

The Host

Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell is a being of many trades, but most importantly, she is a mother of two amazing kids. Brittany constantly must stay busy. When she is not working as a laboratory assistant, she is a student at LCC working towards a degree in theatre; but not only is she working on an associate degree at LCC people, oh no! She is also on a path to obtain her bachelor's degree in psychology at Central Michigan University. That’s not all, she also works gigs in modeling, acting, and bartending.

And yes, we have already asked her how she does it, she doesn’t know, she just does.

Having the drive and will that Brittany projects to the world has in turn given her amazing opportunities in life. This drive has put her on movie and tv sets such as Batman v. Superman and STARZ’s BMF. She has worked on modeling prints for clothing lines such as Victoria’s Secret PINK line and even Michigan’s very own Little Caesar's NEW clothing line (yes, Little Caesars has a clothing line). The entertainment industry is Brittany's ultimate passion and she continues to push herself towards her dream. Now you can experience Brittany from a different point of view on her new podcast It’s Brittany B!