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We Are Here

We Are Here

We Are Here is a monthly ½-hour program showcasing the vibrant contributions of neurodiverse and disabled students at LCC. The show features interviews with students, staff, faculty, community agencies, and administrators, highlighting the unique talents of students with disabilities. It aims to provide valuable information for individuals with disabilities and offer insights into their experiences on campus and in the broader community.

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The Host

Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor is an Academic Success Coach at LCC. Born and raised in west Michigan, he grew up as a farm boy before moving to Lansing to attend Michigan State University. He received a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1985. After working in the field of mental health care, he returned to MSU and completed a master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in 1991, specializing in using counseling skills to work with persons with disabilities to help them identify and reach life goals like college education, employment, and living with dignity in their chosen community.

For the next 20 years, Frank continued to work with persons with disabilities in the Lansing area, ensuring they could successfully use supports to meet their personal goals. In 2012, he began teaching graduate counseling classes at Texas Tech University, where he helped students learn about medical aspects of disability, assessment, and counseling skills to prepare to be professional counselors. Since joining LCC, Frank has specialized in working with students with both visible and hidden disabilities, particularly those who identify as neurodiverse. He has led several Ready to Launch training seminars for students with autism, worked closely with the Center for Student Access on campus, and currently serves as the faculty advisor for the Disability Advocacy club on campus.