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Community Convos

Community Convos

Put simply, Community Convos is a conversation about our community. Mid-Michigan is truly an awesome place to live, and Community Convos connects you with the people who put the “festive” in our festivals and those that give “traction” to our attractions. This program also explores the impactful changes and the developing resources that contribute to community growth. Join the conversation, as this podcast-radio program gives you the who, what, when, where, and why on all things Mid-Michigan.

The Host

Daedalian Lowry

Daedalian Lowry is well-known in Mid-Michigan as a broadcaster, announcer, event deejay, and a huge supporter of local music, art, and culture. His voice has been a part of the Lansing radio scene for over 20 years with a resume that includes WLNZ, WFMK, WVIC, and WJXQ. As WLNZ's station manager and a lifelong resident of the area, he has developed a strong connection to the community. At LCC Connect, he is once again jumping on the mic to share the good in the world.

Community Convos will also feature other LCC Connect hosts and guest hosts from within the community.

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