Lansing Community College



An exciting community show about local history, with an emphasis on the history of LCC and its surrounding neighborhoods, as well as greater Lansing and Mid-Michigan. Hosted by David Siwik, each episode explores a different topic such as the people, businesses, neighborhood communities, buildings, and other phenomena that make up the history of our college and region.

The Host

David Siwik

David Siwik teaches history courses at Lansing Community College, including Michigan History and US History, as well as a historical methods course called Historiography. He also works in the college's Community Education and Workforce Development division as a project manager and instructional designer. Research interests include local and Michigan history, and American and British history, focusing on the late-1800s and early-1900s period. He is currently researching the Black Legion in Michigan, and presented on Lansing's auto industry history at the 2020 Historical Society of Michigan conference. Originally from Kalamazoo County, David has lived in the city of Lansing for many years and considers it to be his adopted hometown. He also loves Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and currently lives with one named Rossy.

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