Lansing Community College

Police, Dispatch, and Student Parking Services

Contact Public Safety

LCC Dispatch: 517-483-1800

Available 24 hours a day

Downtown Campus - LCC Police
411 N. Grand Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933
Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus - LCC Police
5708 Cornerstone Drive
Lansing, MI 48917
Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500

In an emergency call 911 for local Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.

The Police Unit of Public Safety is a team of law enforcement professionals working to provide a safe environment in support of LCC’s educational mission. LCC Police provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, facilities security, and emergency first-aid treatment; operational leadership for law enforcement incidents, disaster assistance, and general public order & safety assurance. Police officers are responsible for the enforcement of all state and local laws and are MCOLES certified.

The ability to function as an independent law enforcement agency enables LCC Police to provide a sensitive, measured approach to situations requiring police assistance while still maintaining the autonomy of the College. Police jurisdictional authority includes Eaton and Ingham counties, including the City of Lansing. Police presence on campus includes downtown 24/7 and West campus during general operational hours into the evening.

Public safety maintains a 24 hour a day/7 days a week presence on the Lansing downtown campus via Dispatch and on duty police officers and cadets. Dispatch operators monitor security cameras & severe weather status, take calls for general service or help, and call for assistance to local first responders when necessary. Dispatch is available to assign general and emergency assistance anytime and is essentially the Public Safety communications hub. LCC Dispatch can be reached by calling 517-483-1800 or 911 from downtown or west campuses using a campus phone. They can also be contacted from any downtown campus blue emergency call box or the RAVE Guardian App.

Student parking services are available during regular business hours. However, safety escorts and car help (i.e., battery jump & car unlock) are available anytime.

Below is a list of services provided by Public Safety. Visit us by stopping the Public Safety office in the Gannon Building downtown or call 517-483-1800:

  • Battery jump starts
  • Directional assistance
  • Lost & Found at Downtown and West campus.
    Disposal of unclaimed items takes place at the end of every semester.
  • Open locked vehicles
  • Parking general information, with student parking focus
  • Safety escort
  • Student Key & Card Access
  • After hours building access, if necessary
  • Emergency CPR, First Aid, or AED use during a medical emergency
  • Regular check and servicing of fire extinguishers, AED batteries, and first aid kits
  • Emergency notifications and timely warnings when warranted
  • The development and delivery of safety and law enforcement talks, when requested.

Please report suspicious behavior, unusual circumstances and any possible law enforcement crimes or offenses immediately by calling 517-483-1800. Anonymous reporting is acceptable.

LCC Police investigates all criminal incidents which take place on a campus within our jurisdiction.

See Something, Say Something

The Lansing Community College Office of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe place to learn and work. To maintain a safe campus, the LCC Police strongly encourage students, staff and visitors to all LCC campuses to speak up; if you see something, say something.

Public Safety Information

LCC Public Safety is in compliance with the federal guidelines for reporting crimes in and around the college campus. We also provide emergency procedures and a safety report.


Contact Us

Police Officers and cadets posing in front on Gannon Glass for a photo
Police, Dispatch, and Student Parking Services
Downtown Campus

Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus

Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500


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