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Students enrolled in the CHDV program are required to complete field experiences as part of their coursework. Field work is an essential part of the CHDV program that allow students real-world experiences to practice and apply what they are learning.

To complete their field experience, students will be placed at an early childhood program designated by the LCC CHDV program.

Students who are employed in licensed child care centers or family child care homes may be approved by the CHDV program to use their worksite to complete field experiences.

CHDV Courses with Field Experiences
CHDV Course Field Experience Hours Required During the Semester
CHDV 111-Child Guidance and Communication 4 hours per week
CHDV 215-Infant Toddler Program 4 hours per week
CHDV 220-Early Childhood Curr/Learn Environ 4 hours per week
CHDV 284-Early Childhood Practicum 8 hours per week
Field Experiences - What Students Can Expect
  • A Field Instructor will assign each student to a classroom and create a semester long weekly schedule for completing the required field experience hours. 
  • During the field experience, students will interact and engage with children in the classroom to practice and demonstrate the skills being taught in the corresponding class.
  • A Lab Assistant will be assigned to each student to complete 4 or 5 formal observations using a rubric to evaluate the student’s skills and provide feedback as well as opportunities for reflection. Informal observations may take place periodically based on student needs.
  • Students using their worksite will work with a Field Instructor to make sure the worksite meets the program field placement requirements.
  • Students will coordinate days/times for observations with their assigned Lab Assistant.
  • Students will be responsible for keeping a log of their weekly hours. The supervisor, center director or lead teacher at the field site will need to verify the hours completed by the end of the semester. The student is responsible for turning in the attendance log to their course instructor.
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