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The Michigan American Council on Education (MI-ACE) is the professional network for Michigan women in higher education. Lansing Community College is currently one of 50 member institutions within the MI-ACE Network.

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"The ACE Women's Network is a national system of networks within each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia with the goal of advancing and supporting women in higher education. Each state network " . . . Read More

Our Mission

"The ACE Women's Network facilitates the networking of women interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in higher education. A four-part structure—the WNEC; independent, state-based networks with" . . . Read More

Learn More: History of the ACE Women's Network

Upcoming Events this Summer - Stay tuned!

MI-ACE Annual Conference
Senior-Level Leadership Shadow Program

"The program allows mid-level women aspiring toward senior-level positions to learn from mentors, gain diverse institutional perspectives, and develop knowledge and skills. The program utilizes" . . . Read More


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Ace Women's Network Michigan

We have some new participants on our Executive Board and Planning Committee – See our roster below.

LCC ACE Executive Committee members:

Dr. Seleana Samuel *
LCC ACE Board Member

Amber Stairs *
LCC ACE Institutional Representative (IR)

Cynthia Rooker *
LCC ACE Institutional Representative (IR)

Karen Tommasulo

LCC ACE Planning Committee:

Amber Stairs
Cynthia Rooker
Patty Spagnuolo


*denotes LCC Institutional Representative to MI-ACE