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What to expect from college communications in an emergency

In the aftermath of the shooting at Michigan State University, we would like to provide a reminder of our emergency communications processes. The college received scattered reports of people not receiving LCC Emergency Alerts this week, and we encourage everyone to read through this material and update your contact information as appropriate.

Communication is critical in emergency situations of all kinds, and the college is dedicated to providing you with information you need as quickly as it can. Here are some of the tools we can use in an emergency situation.

1. LCC Emergency Alerts: As a student, you are automatically signed up to receive LCC Emergency Alerts to your LCC email address. If you are interested in receiving these emergency messages via text on your cell phone and in your personal email – and we recommend you do! – you can update your contact information. Here’s how:
  • Log into myLCC. You can find myLCC in the dark gray area at the top of any page.
  • Click the “Student” tab.
  • In the righthand column, click “Emergency Notification System.”
  • Click the pencil icons to edit your information as needed.

You will never receive any communication other than emergency information by entering your personal information into Banner.

2. Public Address: In dangerous emergencies that require the immediate attention of everyone on campus, LCC can also use its public address system. This system allows the college to speak to everyone using the speakers in the fire alarms. On the Downtown Campus, LCC can also use speakers in the Granger Clock Tower to address people who are outside. West Campus also has an outdoor “Big Voice” public address systems for emergencies.

3. Social media,, and other communication tools: In an emergency, LCC often posts information to its social media pages and in an orange banner across the top of all webpages. Depending on the nature of the emergency, LCC also might communicate with local media like newspapers and TV stations, utilize the internal digital signs located around campus, and/or send emails to your LCC email address.

Inevitably, you will not know as much as you want to know in the first moments of an emergency, because it takes some time to gather and confirm information. The college will communicate as much information as it can as quickly as it can. Information is a vital tool to help you keep safe.

In the hours, days and weeks following an emergency, you can also expect to receive updates via the college’s usual communication methods, as appropriate. You can learn more about the college’s emergency preparedness online.


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