Lansing Community College

Transfer to MSU with Envision Green partnership

LCC and Michigan State University have partnered up to help you get your four-year degree!

The partnership, called Envision Green, was recently announced during a joint press conference with the presidents and provosts of both schools. Envision Green provides a seamless transition from LCC to MSU by embedding MSU advisors within LCC to guide students through their educational journey – a transition more than 5,500 LCC students have made during the past decade. With this partnership in place, LCC students can consider MSU from the start of their higher education journey. The affordability of the LCC-to-MSU path means a four-year degree is an option for more students.

As part of the relationship outlined in the MOU, the schools will:

  • Provide two MSU academic advisors one day a week on LCC’s Downtown Campus
  • Communicate MSU transfer credit changes and MSU transfer credit process changes to MSU advisors at LCC as well as LCC employees
  • Work individually with LCC students to facilitate a smooth transition from LCC to MSU
  • Promote policies that will encourage students who start at LCC to finish their associate degrees before transferring to MSU

Learn more about Envision Green on our webpage.