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Get your textbooks digitally in D2L

Stack of textbooks

Many LCC classes participate in a program called First-Day Inclusive Access, which offers affordable ebook and course materials right in D2L. These materials are available to you at a lower cost than that of a traditional, physical textbook.

Here’s how it works: Students enrolled in participating course sections are automatically opted into the FDIA program and have access to the course materials through D2L on the first day of class. A trial period of 14 days is provided for students to review the ebook and determine if they want to continue their access or opt out of the program.

Students wanting to opt out must do so by the date provided by their instructor to prevent the charge on their account. For those who retain their access, students will have a “BNCV - BNC Inclusive Access” charge added to their student account approximately three weeks after the start of the course. It is recommended that students considering opting out discuss it with their instructor first, as some sections will require access to the course materials to complete class assignments.

Are you in a section that is using First Day Inclusive Access materials? Would you like to get signed up for one? View the list on LCC’s Textbooks and Bookstores webpage, and look for the FDIA information under the Course Materials section of your class syllabus.


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