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The Cesar Chavez Learning Center (CCLC) provides a comfortable atmosphere where students from all backgrounds can get support academically, socially, and personally. The Center’s Coordinator, and student staff serve assist students and provide guidance on how to navigate campus resources and other educational opportunities.

Under the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, our CCLC promotes student success through a cultural, academic and social framework in collaboration with college and community partners.

CCLC offers a space to engage the entire campus community and specifically focuses its programming and services within four areas:

  • Inclusion
  • Access for underserved students
  • Cultural awareness
  • Mentoring
Kids dancing ast the Malcolm X Symposium

CCLC provides an opportunity for people of all cultures to meet, explore their cultural origins and to work toward understanding, respect and appreciation for the diversity within our campus community and society.

CCLC promotes student academic success and personal empowerment. Students meet to study and to socialize; they are able to utilize computers, printers and get internet access, discuss academic and multicultural information and share multiple perspectives.

The Chavez Center offers the following programming:
  • LUCERO Program
  • Men about Progress Program
  • College 10
  • Mentoring/Life Coaching
  • Identity and Life Skill Workshops
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Student-led Discussion/Socials
Students studying in the Cesar Chavez Center
Students learning in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center

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Cesar E. Chavez Learning Center

Alejandro Gradilla
411 N. Grand Avenue, Room GB 3217
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (517) 483-9804
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