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Brother to Brother (B2B) Chapter at LCC is a campus-wide initiative and program dedicated to promoting student success and inclusion.

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B2B Meetings

Every Tuesday from 4:30-5:30pm
Leadership Meeting from 5:00-6:00pm every Thursday
Location: Cesar Chavez Learning Center- Arts & Sciences building room 1313
Online on the CCLC WebEx page

This dynamic organization was created specifically to assist its participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally, and in the community. With over 200 chapters at colleges and high schools throughout the U.S., the SAAB National Organization is the only comprehensive effort to increase the enrollment, retention and graduation of males of color in education. SAAB/B2B was established in 1989 at Georgia Southwestern University. Some chapters of SAAB like ours call themselves Brother to Brother (B2B).

The Brother to Brother (B2B) Chapter at LCC is a campus-wide initiative and program dedicated to promoting student success and inclusion. B2B primarily consists of students who self-identify as males and strive for academic excellence. These students make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their community at large. Chapter members embrace leadership by being positive examples for each other through a strong commitment to academic achievement, brotherhood, and community service. B2B provides study sessions, developmental seminars for students, business meetings, social and religious activities, and works with various non-profit service agencies (i.e., Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Boys Club, etc.).

While B2B is not a fraternity, it is a brotherhood that uses mentoring, peer-to-peer support and professionals to help enhance their personal and academic success. . It is a network of caring students who embrace their responsibilities to each other. Participation in chapter activities is open to all interested students. Students of diverse backgrounds are especially encouraged to participant in the B2B initiative, which is coordinated by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion under the Men About Progress initiative.


Dr. Mark Kelland, Professor of Psychology (focus on personality and positive psychology)

Alexander Delaola, Merger and Acquisition Advisor/Consultant/Entrepreneur

Dominique Vaughn, Academic Success Coach

Daniel K. Arnold, Volunteer at City Rescue Mission Uplift Thrift.

Lamar Knox, State Mi Mental Health Worker

James Campbell, Diversity Project Coordinator, Criminal Justice

Dr. Willie Davis, Professor of African American Studies and Education


Students learning in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center

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