Lansing Community College

Commencement Speaker

Quentin L. Messer, Jr.

Quentin L. Messer, Jr.

Quick Stats: 

  • Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida 
  • College/University: Princeton University/Columbia University 
  • Title: CEO/President, Michigan Economic Development Corporation 

Profile and Bio

Distinguished Alumni

Nicole Noll-Williams

Nicole Noll-Williams

Quick Stats: 

  • Hometown: Carson City, MI 
  • College/University: Lansing Community College 
  • Title: CEO/President, Capital Region Airport Authority

Profile and Bio

The single most important piece of advice for a graduating college student is please, please be gentle with yourself and by extension, be gentle with others.

- Quentin L. Messer, Jr.

I consider LCC to be not only a direct launching pad for my career but also a valuable asset for the mid-Michigan community.

- Nicole Noll-Williams

Living a judgment-free life leads to fewer wrinkles, frown lines and gray hair.

- Quentin L. Messer, Jr.

It goes without saying that my attitude toward LCC is one of gratitude and appreciation.

- Nicole Noll-Williams


2023 Commencement Speaker: Quentin L. Messer, Jr.


2023 Distinguished Alumni: Nicole Noll-Williams




Past Commencement


2022 - Justice Richard Bernstein 

2021 - Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist, II 

2020 - Virtual Commencement 

2019 - Dr. Robert L. Green 

2018 - Trustee Robert Proctor 

2017 - Tom Izzo

2016 - Dr. Philip J. Gannon

Past Distinguished
Alumni Recipients


2022 Distinguished Alumni: James (Jim) C. Ryan, III 

2021 Distinguished Alumni: Phil and Angelina Zeller, Ph.D. 

2020 Distinguished Alumnus: Marvin Fouty* 

2019 Distinguished Alumna: Penny Wirsing 

2018 Distinguished Alumnus: Robert M. Bessette 

2017 Distinguished Alumna: Jane Aldrich 

2016 Distinguished Alumnus: James J. Kost 

2015 Distinguished Alumna: Annette Parker, Ph.D. 

2014 Distinguished Alumnus: Bob Hoffman 

2013 Distinguished Alumnus: Milton L. Scales 

2012 Distinguished Alumnus: Michael P. Gannon 

2011 Distinguished Alumnus: Calvin L. Jones 

2010 Distinguished Alumna: Mary Roszel 

2009 Distinguished Alumnus: Rick Jones 

2008 Distinguished Alumna: Vicki L.H. Myers 

2007 Distinguished Alumnus: Kyle Caldwell 

2006 Distinguished Alumna: Judith St. King 

2005 Distinguished Alumna: Linda D. Cornish 

2004 Distinguished Alumna: Karen L. Ambs 

2003 Distinguished Alumnus: Gene L. Wriggelsworth 

2002 Distinguished Alumnus: Michael Williams 

2001 Distinguished Alumnus: Tom Eifert 

2000 Distinguished Alumna: Judy McQueen 

1999 Distinguished Alumnus: E. James Barrett 

1998 Distinguished Alumna: Ann C. Snyder, Ph.D. 

1997 Distinguished Alumnus: Michael Bozack, Ph.D. 

1996 Distinguished Alumna: C. Leslie Charles 

1995 Distinguished Alumna: Dianne Byrum 

1994 Distinguished Alumnus: The Honorable Charles F. Filice 

1993 Distinguished Alumna: Marion "Babe" Weyant Roth* 

1992 Distinguished Alumna: Jacqueline D. Taylor, Ph.D. 

1991 Distinguished Alumnus: Richard J. Halik, Ph.D.