Technical Careers Hiring Fair

Tue JUN 21
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Tech Careers Hiring Fair 2022 at Lansing Community College, recruiting faculty, lab techs, and student positions.

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Technical Career Programs

Position Descriptions | How to Apply


Full-Time Positions

FT Admin Computer Information Technology
FT Admin Director of Trades Technology Services -COMING SOON!
FT Admin Line Worker Coordinator-COMING SOON!
FT Assistant Professor Welding (ERESA)-COMING SOON!
FT Professional Support Career & Technical Education Specialist -COMING SOON!
FT Professional Support Welding Lab -COMING SOON!
FT Professional Support Work-Based Learning Coordinator -COMING SOON!

Part-Time Positions

Adjunct Instructor Automotive Technology -COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor Aviation Maintenance -COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor Building Construction
Adjunct Instructor Civil Technology -COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Technology/Geospatial Science
Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Technology (CCRESA)
Adjunct Instructor Construction Management -COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor Electrical Technology -COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor Electrical/Industrial/Construction Safety
Adjunct Instructor HVAC -COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor - Line Worker - COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor - Manufacturing Engineering Technology Design
Adjunct Instructor Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Machining
Adjunct Instructor - Manufacturing Engineering Technology Systems
Adjunct Instructor Unmanned Air Systems - COMING SOON!
Adjunct Instructor - Welding -COMING SOON!
Part-time Lab Assistant Building Construction
Part-time Lab Assistant - Manufacturing Engineering Technologies Machining
Part-time Lab Assistant - Manufacturing Engineering Technologies Systems


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Lansing Community College is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer. Lansing Community College programs and activities are open for all persons regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, creed, ancestry, height, weight, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, familial status, marital status, military status, veteran’s status, or other status as protected by law, or genetic information.

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