Lansing Community College

Does Lansing Community College have investments in Israel or any other foreign country?

Michigan Community Colleges must adhere to the State of Michigan Public Act 331 (PA331), section 389.142, which in section 1(a) stipulates that LCC's investments are restricted to bonds, bills or notes of the United States, or of an agency or instrumentality of the United States. Further, the college investment policy states that LCC is not authorized to put funds into investments involving foreign currency. With this in mind, the majority of LCC's funds are certificates of deposit through Michigan-based financial institutions and money market funds which are also only put into funds that are allowable per PA331.

Where can I get information about the ongoing construction projects on US-127 and I-496?

Please visit the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) website for more information and to sign up for email updates.

Where should I send questions about current events?

Please feel free to direct any inquiries to