Lansing Community College


Students may submit a Formal Complaint for any concern that LCC has violated a law or policy or has incorrectly applied an established process. Complaints or appeals may be academic or non-academic in nature and do not supersede or replace misconduct or grievance procedures already in place.

If you are unsure if this is the correct form to submit, contact the LCC Ombuds and we will guide you in the appropriate direction.


    1. The student submits the General Student Complaint Form.
    2. The complaint is recorded and forwarded to the relevant department.
    3. The receiving department will send a confirmation of receipt to the student through their LCC email.
    4. The assigned administrator will take steps to investigate and resolve the complaint, which may involve meetings and consultations.
    5. The decision is sent to the student within 15 business days through their LCC email.
    6. If unsatisfied, the student can appeal in writing to the department’s Executive Leader within 10 business days.
    7. The decision is communicated to the student within 10 business days and is considered final.

Student Complaints Form