Lansing Community College

Students may submit a Final Grade Dispute if the issue pertains to one or more of the following acceptable situations.

  • The instructor used grading standards other than that described on the course outline, course syllabus, addendums or program handbook.
  • The instructor used a grading method other than that used for the other students in the same class section.
  • The instructor graded in a manner inconsistent with college policy, rules, and regulations.
Not acceptable
  • Appealing a single assignment or exam grade.
  • A difference in judgment or opinion of the instructor’s grading.


Final Grade Disputes will be considered until the end of the 6th week following the course end-date.

  1. The Final Grade Dispute process will begin by completing the Final Grade Dispute form below and by following the 4 levels of appeal as outlined:
    1. The course instructor
    2. The head of the department or program involved (or designee)
    3. The Dean of the division involved (or designee)
    4. The Provost (or designee)
  2. Upon notification of a decision at each level, a student will have up to ten (10) business days (not including campus closures) to move the dispute forward. It is up to the student to move the dispute to the next level. Final Grade Disputes that are received after the tenth business day (at each level) may be dismissed for "failure to submit an appeal on a timely basis."
  3. If the dispute is moved to the Provost (or designee), the Provost's (or designee) decision is final. The Provost (or designee) will communicate the final decision to the instructor, the department/program, the Dean and the student within 30 days of receiving the dispute. The decision of the Provost (or designee) is considered final and no further action is available or will be considered.

Final Grade Dispute Form