Lansing Community College

Downtown Sculpture Walk

We invite you to take a journey through downtown Lansing and explore the inspired collection of art & sculptures located on the campus of LCC and surrounding areas.

All of the sculptures on campus, from the 30 foot tall Red Ribbon in the Sky to our towering Elementary display, were designed, fabricated or engineered in diverse ways by LCC faculty, alumni or students. Each stunningly crafted piece is a fascinating treat for all who visit the Downtown Sculpture Walk.





Education & Community sculpture

Education & Community

Jim Cunningham

A&S Building at Washington Avenue & Shiawassee Street

Sigma, Infinity, Pi sculpture

Sigma, Infinity, Pi

Ryan Miller

Washington Court Mall at Shiawassee Street on the Gannon Building landscape

Standby sculpture


Bergmann Associates

Washington Court Mall - Gannon Building side across from A&S Building

Literature sculpture


Ryan Miller

Washington Court Mall on Northeast side of
A&S Building

Sunburst sculpture


Bergmann Associates

Gannon Building

Grindstone sculpture


Bill Royall

Nestled along the path between The Hill & the Health & Human Services Building

Reflections sculpture


Andrew Taylor

Washington Court Mall between HHS & Gannon Building

Delight sculpture


Bergmann Associates

Early Learning Children's Community -
West Wall

Elementary sculpture


Ryan Miller

Early Learning Children's Community

Geometry sculpture


Hamilton Anderson Associates

Paula D. Cunningham Administration Building Patio

Bird in the Hand sculpture

Bird in the Hand

Bergmann Associates

The Hill - Adjacent to Shigamatsu Gardens

Harmony sculpture


Bergmann Associates

Dart Auditorium East wall facing the Gannon Building

Construction sculpture


Jose De Rivera

Between Dart Auditorium and the Mackinaw Building

Global Village sculpture

Global Village

Jim Cunningham

A&S Northwest Patio at Mackinaw Building

Dueling Guitarists sculpture

Dueling Guitarists

Bergmann Associates

Student outdoor seating area

Write On! sculpture

Write On!

Bergmann Associates

Arts & Science North end walkway - in between Global Village and Literature.

Pages sculpture


Ryan Miller

Seating Area between TLC and Mackinaw Building

Tut-Tut sculpture


Jack Bergeron

Near the corner of Shiawassee Street and Capitol Avenue.

YMCA Historic Column sculpture

YMCA Historic Column

Bruce Mackley

Corner of Shiawassee and Seymour Streets

Governor Austin Blair Monument sculpture

Governor Austin Blair Monument

Edward Clark Potter

East side of the Capitol building

The Hiker Memorial sculpture

The Hiker Memorial

Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson

Lansing, MI Capitol grounds

First Michigan Sharpshooters Monument sculpture

First Michigan Sharpshooters Monument

Frank D. Black

Lansing, MI Capitol grounds

Cross Sections sculpture

Cross Sections

Bergmann Associates

Corner of Shiawassee Street and Washington Square opposite the Red Ribbon

Remembrance Memorial sculpture

Remembrance Memorial

World Trade Center Salvage

Located on the northeast corner of Michigan Ave. and Grand Ave. in Wentworth Park

Inspiration Sculpture sculpture

Inspiration Sculpture

James Russell

Located just north of the Lansing City Market on the riverfront

Windlord sculpture


Martin Eichinger

Adado Riverfront Park

Sail sculpture


Vern Mesler

Washington Court Mall

Upward Bound sculpture

Upward Bound

MAYOTTEgroup Architects

Washington Court Mall - Top of the Quad

Words Kiosk

Words Kiosk

Bruce Mackley

Washington Court Mall

Newton's Cube

Newton's Cube

Bruce Mackley

Washington Court Mall