Lansing Community College

Take a Stand! Sit In! is back with artificial intelligence theme

Protestors sit in at a lunch counter in 1960, on a day that would become known as Ax Handle Saturday

You're invited to drop in anytime during this semester's Take A Stand! Sit In! event, which will be held 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 11. The event will cover the theme “Let's Talk About AI: Artificial Intelligence, Academic Integrity and Artistic Innovation.” Everyone is welcome to the forum’s four unique sessions, held via Webex.

Presenters include:

  • Guest artist Mother Cyborg, a Detroit-based activist, educator, DJ and a 2019 Kresge Artist Fellow
  • Guest artist Dylan Glynn, an award-winning painter, author and animator based in Toronto, Canada
  • LCC English instructor and digital media maker Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett
  • LCC Interdisciplinary Humanities Professor Brad Hicks, leading a faculty panel discussion

Each session is 60-90 minutes, with one Webex link to access the entire day. Explore the sessions and complete schedule online.

The Take A Stand! Sit In! event premiered fall 2020 as two days of engaging presentations intended to encourage dialogues about diversity, equity and inclusion. This event grew from the #ScholarStrike for Racial Justice, created by Professors Athena Butler and Kevin Gannon. Join LCC faculty and community members who Take A Stand on current issues, encourage student engagement through easily available curriculum, and foster interdisciplinary studies within the college and community. Students Sit In on creative, constructive, curriculum-driven discussions. Take a Stand! Sit In! event occurs every semester during the academic year. 


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