Lansing Community College

LCC renames Arts & Sciences Building in honor of former president

Brent Knight unveils new name of the Arts & Sciences Building

LCC has officially renamed its Arts & Sciences Building to the Brent M. Knight Arts & Sciences Building.

Knight served as LCC's president from 2008-2020, retiring after 12 years at the helm. The renaming of the Arts & Sciences Building is the latest honor bestowed on Knight. He was previously granted the designation of president emeritus in 2020, making him the first LCC president to receive the title, one rarely seen among community colleges.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Knight oversaw a redesign of the original structure, built in 1968. His ambient learning philosophy, used extensively in the renovation, is said to "make even the walls talk and teach" through educational and artistic stimuli.

Dubbed "the man behind the makeover" in a 2018 Lansing City Pulse article, Knight's leadership and innovation transformed the face of LCC. He is responsible for some 27 sculpture installations across LCC's campuses, including his final sculpture project at the center of the Downtown Campus, the soaring 43-foot, iconic Upward Bound.


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