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LCC presents Climate Change Theatre Action

Climate Change Theatre Action logo, showing an hombre blue and green scribble around the words Climate Change Theatre Action 2023

LCC is participating in the global Climate Change Theatre Action festival with two nights of poetry, short plays, art and information presented by students, staff and faculty. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 1-2 in LCC’s Black Box Theatre.

Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) uses theatre to bring together community for climate crisis art and action. The biennial festival features events worldwide from Sept. 17-Dec. 23 to coincide with the U.N. Conference of the Parties climate meetings. Founded in 2015, the festival each year invites 50 playwrights to contribute five-minute plays on a theme. This year is inspired by science fiction writer Octavia Butler’s journal entry: “All Good Things Must Begin.”

LCC’s production features five Climate Change Theatre Action plays:

  • “Thunderbird,” by Jo MacDonald, Anishinaabe playwright from Manitoba, Canada
  • “A Hummingbird’s Ululation,” by Aleya Kassam, Kenya
  • “That’s the Late Night Show,” by Vitor Jatobá, Brazil
  • “Magical Fungi in Times Square,” by Chantal Bilodeau, Quebec, Canada/New York
  • “The Polar Bears,” by Nicholas Billon, Canada

A sixth play, “Snails,” by Janet Colson of Detroit will also feature.

The plays are directed by LCC Theatre alumni Anna Szabo, Doak Bloss and Nick Lemmer and performed by a cast of 16 LCC Theatre students and one alum. Both performances will be interpreted by LCC Sign Interpretation students.

Climate-themed poetry created by students through LCC’s Community-Generated Poetry Project and event posters by LCC Art and Design students will be displayed. Local environmental organizations and the Michigan Coalition of Science on the Ballot will have information tables.

Admission is free! Donations will be accepted for LCC’s Theatre Scholarship Funds.


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