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LCC celebrates Black History Month with library display

The LCC Library is celebrating Black History Month with two displays. The main display showcases the work of Black artists, and the diversity, equity and inclusion display explores this year's national theme of Black Resistance.

The national theme for Black History Month comes from the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). Dr. Carter G. Woodson, often referred to as the father of Black History Month, began the celebration as Negro History Week in 1926. The observance became a full month in 1976, and ASALH has provided an annual theme since the first one was given in 1928, “Civilization: A World Achievement.”

"Every month, the LCC Library strives to share resources from diverse perspectives, but Black History Month gives the Library a special opportunity to engage with the community to highlight marginalized voices," LCC Library Director John Szilagyi said. "The national theme of Black Resistance allows Library visitors to explore an often overlooked and misunderstood piece of historic and contemporary America."

The displays are located on the second floor of the TLC Building on the Downtown Campus and are available to browse online.


Library's Black History Month displays, featuring Black artists and Black Resistance

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