Lansing Community College

Constitution Day event looks at America through musical ‘Hamilton’

The Political Science department is hosting a Constitution Day event entitled, “The Voice of the People.” This event will be a collaborative effort to understand the story of America via the themes, questions and perspective of the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” The musical blends rap and hip-hop with the history of the founding generation and the life of Alexander Hamilton. 

The event will be held noon-2 p.m. Monday, Sept. 18, in the Arts & Sciences Building, rooms 1120 and 1122, and via livestream.

Panelists will be:

  • Samuel Piccolo, Assistant Professor in Political Science, Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Michael Giles, Assistant Professor of Political Science, LCC

Political discourse ground rules:
A vibrant and participatory democracy needs political discourse to explore, question and discuss issues affecting society. This forum purports to add to this important feature of our governmental and political system by inviting experts to share their experiences with and answer questions from our students and the public at large.

We will ask all participants to observe a tone of decorum and civility that should accompany all political discourse in general, but in particular in academic settings.

Additional Constitution Day events:
Free pocket Constitutions will be available for all students, employees and the public. The LCC Library will also have a Constitution-themed book display.


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