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LCC Concert Choir creates music video in solidarity with MSU

LCC Concert Choir sings for MSU

LCC continues to stand with our community at Michigan State University as we travel through this time of grief and healing. The members of the LCC Concert Choir are showing their support with a public music video of “The Lighthouse,” by Andy Beck. The song’s lyrics of strength and care embody our thoughts for the students, employees and community of MSU.  

“The LCC and MSU communities are inextricably connected – LCC had both faculty and students who were on the MSU campus when tragedy struck that night – and we wanted to express our solidarity,” Music Program Faculty Chair Jon Ten Brink said. “This piece provided an opportunity to do that as well as vehicle for members of the choir to discuss their own trauma through this difficult time. It’s a way to reach out and build community with individuals both near and far, and remind them that we’ll be here for them, just as they can be there for us.”

If could benefit from speaking to someone about the events at MSU or any other stressor, please contact Counseling Services. It is free and confidential for all students.


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