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Whether you are exploring your options or are already committed to a career in teaching, LCC is where success begins! We offer a wide range of courses and programs for future teachers and teacher paraprofessionals that include both a strong educational foundation and hands-on experience. We work closely with university teacher certification programs to make sure that the courses you take at LCC will be useful and will transfer without loss of credit.

Are you interested in becoming an elementary teacher?

For every job posting in elementary education in Michigan, there are generally several hundred applicants. The candidates who go to the front of the line:

  • Have selected a high needs subject for their academic specialties such as mathematics, science, special education, English as a second language or early childhood education.
  • Have many hours of classroom experience thru volunteering in a school setting and substitute teaching.
  • Are flexible about what subjects and grades they will teach.
  • Are prepared to teach in a rural or urban school.

Plan ahead for success. Meet with an education advisor early and often.

Teaching Preparation Resources


LCC Advisors

LCC Advisors can help you analyze your earned credits and select the transfer program that is best for you. For more information contact:

  • Ann Selleck, Office of Teacher Preparation
    Office: A&S 2203
    Phone: (517) 483-1061

Academic Advising at LCC

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