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Andrea Hoagland
Dean, Arts and Sciences Division

It is my privilege to serve as Dean of the Arts and Sciences Division at Lansing Community College. I have the opportunity to work daily with faculty and staff who constantly demonstrate a commitment to the College's Vision and Mission.

We in the Arts and Sciences Division are committed to student success. We are certain that by providing the following in each course, we maximize the potential for student learning:

  • clear and challenging learning outcomes
  • maximum student-to-faculty interaction and student-to-student interaction
  • an emphasis on cooperation between students
  • opportunities for active learning
  • respect for diverse talents and ways of learning
  • prompt feedback to the learner
  • high expectations for students

With these components in place in our courses, with one-to-one assistance from faculty, and with various tutoring services available, students committed to their learning, as evidenced by their efforts, will be successful.

As Dean, I share this commitment to student success and stand ready to support students in any way I can. In addition, I will strive to support all faculty and staff in the Division in their work in assisting students to achieve their goals.

To this end, my office door is open for discussion, dialogue, and problem solving. Typically, I am on campus from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and other times as needed or by appointment. Please do not hesitate to stop by, or communicate with me by phone or e-mail.

Andrea Hoagland

Andrea Hoagland
Dean, Arts and Sciences Division
Arts and Sciences Building, Room 1117

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