Lansing Community College - The Center for Teaching Excellence


The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to inspire and enable faculty to enhance teaching potential and effectiveness such that students are more likely to achieve the desired learning outcomes. The CTE uses a collaborative approach, building on faculty strengths, focusing on the tasks of instruction and learning, and bringing faculty in contact with excellent instructional practices and technology.

  • Offer instructional strategies and support using a collaborative, problem-solving approach to improve learning.
  • Encourage a focus on how students learn and how different teaching approaches can impact student learning.
  • Demonstrate and facilitate the appropriate use of instructional technologies to enhance learning.
  • Assist faculty in developing student learning outcomes and designing appropriate assessment methods.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to come together to share teaching experiences and expertise.
  • Provide orientations to new faculty.
  • Provide opportunities for renewal and growth in teaching to senior faculty.
The CTE's Guiding Principles
  • The CTE supports a campus culture that recognizes and values the faculty role. Participation in CTE activities is voluntary, confidential and developmental rather than evaluative.
  • The CTE does not engage in personnel-making decisions.
  • The CTE attempts to develop a variety of ways to share the talent, energy and expertise of our instructors.
  • The CTE attempts to increase communication about teaching and learning.
  • The CTE provides a place for accessing resources and exchanging ideas on current teaching practices.


LCC Center for Teaching Excellence
Center for Teaching Excellence

TLC Building
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Lansing, MI 48933

Phone: 517-483-1680

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