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The CTE coordinates college-wide professional development, called Professional Activity Days, twice per academic year as the MAHE Contract dictates.​

Our goal is to engage our colleagues through various methods of professional interaction to inspire educational approaches that support creativity, agency, inquiry, and culture. We rely on our caring LCC community of scholars to help us achieve this goal. 

​Professional Activity Days include general assemblies, keynote presentations, discussion panels, and breakout sessions both in-person and virtually. A website with detailed information is made available for participants for each event. 

We extend thanks to those who put time and effort into crafting presentations and discussions that spark interest for the Professional Activity Days. Likewise, we appreciate your open-minded participation. Lastly, a round of applause for all of us who show up and do our best not only for our students but for ourselves as well.

Upcoming Professional Activity Days:

Thursday, January 4, 2024
Friday, January 5, 2024

More information will be made available December 2023.

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