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Facilitated by CTE Staff
January 30, 2025 - April 10, 2025

Required ORT (Online Real-Time) Webex sessions on Thursdays 10:10-11:30 am

Course will open on Thursday, January 30 with the first ORT session on Thursday, February 6.


Registration will open Spring 2025
More details will follow...


With increased access to higher education, our classrooms and workspaces include multiple dimensions of diversity, which necessitate the intentional design of courses and work spaces to create an atmosphere where students and staff are more likely to thrive and persist. This course will focus on intentional inclusive pedagogical design and building critical communities that embrace diversity and engage students in course work that is meaningful, relevant, and accessible. Participants will examine their own practices and learn how to apply concepts and strategies from the course to their own work and learning environments. This is a pass/fail course that requires weekly discussions, reflection, analysis, and creating an action plan, based on course concepts, for implementation.

This course may be required for program representatives approaching program review and course participants will be compensated by their department. Program representatives are encouraged to reach out to their department and/or supervisor for more details.

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