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OD - LCC Organizational Development

We are committed to the philosophy that people are the organization. The Organizational Development department supports LCC through training opportunities that contribute to the development of a learning community that builds the competency of staff and organization. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) assists faculty with training, aids, and tools to support our faculty with their learning goals as these goals relate to academics.

We offer a variety of online and face-to-face courses. A full library of online courses are available at all times in the Talent Management System (TMS), which can be accessed from the work tab of the myLCC page. All employees must take regulatory courses from time to time, in order for the College to remain compliant. These courses are assigned to users; notifications are sent via the employee's LCC email. Registration for face-to-face courses and events are available in the TMS. A Word FileJob Aid is available to assist with many aspects of the Talent Management System.


Face-to-face programs for employees

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In an effort to reduce communication gaps and build relationships between departments at Lansing Community College, the Connections peer mentoring program pairs employees from different areas across campus with this goal in mind.

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Starboard is LCC's Administrator Onboarding program. Participants who are required to attend are automatically registered for the next available session. Those who are not required to attend may request to attend.

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Impressions is LCC's management academy for those who would benefit from deeper institutional knowledge. Participants and mentors are selected through an application process.

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Thrive is a leadership academy for those leaders who have mastered their day to day efforts and wish to advance their big picture leadership skills. Participants are selected through an application process.

OD - LCC Organizational Development

Talent Management System Resources

TMS Access Request Forms. Use the excel spreadsheets below to grant temporary access to the Talent Management System:

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