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Connections - Peer mentoring program

In an effort to reduce communication gaps and build relationships between departments at Lansing Community College, the Connections peer mentoring program pairs employees from different areas across campus with this goal in mind. Our goals for participants in this program are as follows:

  • To foster an understanding of the various daily functions at LCC, outside of one's own office or department.
  • Provide LCC employees with a professional development opportunity.
  • Shorten response times to complicated cross-departmental situations and student issues.
  • Increased ability to share resources and knowledge across campus

To ensure employee success in this program, participants will be expected to adhere to the following commitment expectations;

  1. Meet with your assigned partner at least 12 hours over the course of the semester, 6 hours per person.
  2. No grunt work and no working lunches - this is a learning opportunity, not an assistant program
  3. Being respectful to your partner
  4. Valuing each other's efforts to teach as well as learn

Application to this program will require supervisor approval and potentially additional LMS trainings

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