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What technology resources does LCC have available for employees who work remotely?

Many resources are available through the 5Star Service Center. Some of the most common resources are listed below.

Install and know how to use a VPN

To be able to access network drives (H:, N:, and others), office printers, or on-campus applications while working off campus, please install a virtual private network. To use a VPN connection, you must download and install the VPN software onto your LCC-provided or personal computer. Instructions are available in a 5Star Service Center Knowledge Base article. Once connected through a VPN, especially on a home computer, you might need to map your network drives to ensure everything operates correctly.

Before you connect using your personal computer, make sure it's malware-free by using an antivirus scan. This could impact our network because an infected computer's malware can spread onto the LCC network through the VPN connection. Along with an updated antivirus program, your computer should have updated applications, including its operating system and personal firewall. Finally, always maintain physical control of your connected computer to prevent inadvertent access. We recommend disconnecting from the VPN when not performing college-related work.

Install and know how to use WebEx

If you have any meetings scheduled, consider conducting them via WebEx. WebEx is video conferencing software that allows you to meet, create and communicate with your team virtually. WebEx meetings allow attendees to share files, applications, browsers and the screen. LCC has a license to use this web and video conferencing software. You can start by taking the LCC Talent Management System (TMS) training in the portal titled ‘Introduction to WebEx.' The software is installed on most LCC computers or you can install it following the Windows installation instructions or the Mac installation instructions. Finally, meetings can be hosted in one of three ways:

  1. Within Outlook, select "Schedule a Meeting" in the Webex Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Within Microsoft Windows 10, select Programs, WebEx Productivity Tools. Follow the prompts (including entering your email address in the format: to schedule a meeting.
  3. Within a browser, go to, and select ‘Host A Meeting.' Sign in with your email address in the format

Know how to forward your office phone, if you have one

You can forward your office phone to your home or cell phone by following these instructions from your office phone:

  1. Select a line and press Forward all.
  2. Dial the number that you want to forward to or press Voicemail.
  3. To receive calls in your work location again, press Forward off.

Call forwarding can also be adjusted by accessing the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal from on campus (or off-campus after establishing a VPN connection). Log in using your username, and the default password of 12345 or your current voice mail PIN. Instructions can be found in 5Star.

Work with your team to get phone rosters

If you're intending to communicate beyond email and instant messenger, you may need a phone roster to contact coworkers off-campus. A simple Excel spreadsheet listing employee's names, office phone numbers, and home/cell phone numbers works well.

Find a space and technology that works for you: We know not everyone has an LCC-issued laptop, and not everyone has a home internet connection. In the long term, we are looking at options to address this challenge. For now, please report any complications to your supervisor, who can compile a list of needs and report them to ITS.

If you have technical issues, please contact the LCC Help Desk at 517-483-5221 or for resolution.

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