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LCC’s Human Resources, Accounting, and Payroll Departments work together to manage and collect benefits premium payments. If an employee does not have sufficient pay on their paycheck to cover payroll-deducted benefits payments, invoicing is used to collect any missed payments. An employee could have insufficient pay due to situations such as an unpaid leave of absence or not having scheduled work in a pay period.


Invoices are issued monthly by Accounting after the last paycheck in a month, detailing any missed benefits payments for that month.* Employees receive invoices through LCC email and mailing to their current home address on file with HR. Invoices are due upon receipt** through the payment methods specified by Accounting on the invoice communication.

If invoices are not paid within 30 days of receipt, the employee’s insurance may be cancelled retroactively to the first of the unpaid month. Refusal to pay benefits payments could also result in disciplinary action or being considered ineligible for rehire for separated employees.

*If an employee has insufficient pay to cover benefits deductions in the first pay of the month, but does have sufficient pay in the second pay of the month to catch-up any missed amounts from the first pay in the month, HR will automatically catch-up the missed amount from the first pay on the second pay.

**Regardless of future pay, invoiced amounts will not be paid retroactively through payroll deduction. In other words, HR, in accordance with Payroll, will not be able to “catch-up” a missed benefits payment through payroll deduction for an amount detailed on an unpaid invoice. All invoices are due upon receipt.

Limited Exceptions to the Invoice Process:



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