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'No cash' policy to start June 1

'No cash' policy to start June 1

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

In an article previously posted March 2, The Lookout delivered the news to LCC students and community that LCC will be going cashless starting next fall semester.

Since that article, LCC officials have decided to expedite this change to begin by Wednesday, June 1.

LCC Controller of Accounting Services Megan Garrett said the rapid change is due to positive responses from LCC’s students and community members.

“Due to positive response and fewer in-person payments, LCC is accelerating its plan to convert to cashless tuition and fee payments,” Garrett said. “The cashier desk in the Gannon Building StarZone will close June 1, and LCC will no longer accept cash payments on student accounts.”

According to Garrett and the Director of Public Relations Marilyn Twine, these are the following reasons for LCC’s change:

  • To improve the student experience by removing the need to travel to campus and stand in line to pay a bill;
  • To reduce security risks in handling cash;
  • To mitigate campus health and safety considerations;
  • To streamline campus operations and enhance internal controls.

Madyson Decker, a student at LCC, said she thinks this change makes a lot of sense.

“A lot of places have started going cashless lately,” Decker said. “I think the future is all online bank transactions, and although there may be some risks to that, I think ultimately it will benefit everyone as a whole.”

According to Twine, tuition payments can be made online by logging into “myLCC” and then selecting “Touchnet.” Payments can also be made through the mail with checks and money orders.

Students can email any questions about payments or the switch to cashless to FS-Accounting@star.lcc.edu



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